Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Coldplay- Every Teardrop is a Waterfall

My apologies for those of you who are already sick of this song, but... I happen to absolutely love it. Just listening to it takes me back to my first Coldplay experience in the summer of 2008. It was simply amazing(I love live music).

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rishtas and Relationships: Dr. Nik

A little while ago, I received an e-mail from a young gentleman, whose email address identified him as "Dr. Nik", he seemed to be in search of a lady love, but he clearly had the wrong Nishi. I exchanged a few hilarious, and odd, e-mails with this gentleman, here are a few snippets:

From Dr. Nik:

Hey Nishi,
How are you doing? Hope your day is going well. Your parents had contacted me and provided your email address to contact you. I hope you do not mind as I know we all have very busy schedules. I am new on this online website and was not sure if a website was for me, but am willing to give it a try. [...] I really have a great family that is super supportive. Med school keeps me busy. I really like cooking and experimenting with traditional recipes as those get boring after a while. [...] I like going out dancing or just staying home and building a fire in a huge fireplace when it is snowing outside (not the gas fireplace, but the one where you use logs)...and hiding under blankets in front of the fireplace...Randomly, I like the sound and smell of rain, especially when you are sleeping.[...] Oh and yea if nothing else kiddo, I can at least leave you with a really corney, pathetic joke. It makes the kids in children's hospital laugh at least...hehe:  Why Don't Aliens eat Clowns?
because they taste Funny....duh! hehe told you it was corney..have plenty corney jokes I find them funny at least..

He also included a bunch of pictures of himself, but to be nice, I won't post those.

This was my response:

Hi Nikhil,

It was nice to read your e-mail, however, I think you have the wrong Nishi...

Best wishes on your search to find your lady love!
Good 'ol Dr. Nik responded with an appropriate, curt reply:
sorry Nishi. I guess her parents must have given a typo. My fault/apologies. doesn't p***t mean parrot in gujrati by the way?

All the while, I had been talking to one of my girlfriends, who frequents online dating sites. She told me that she had e-mailed with this gentleman before, and he had sent her the same EXACT e-mail, except with her name switched out.  We found this discovery to be quite amusing, so I e-mailed him again:

Not a problem.
Yes, Popat means parrot in Gujarati, I do believe.

By the way, you might want to mix up the e-mails you send of my friends who you've spoken to before said you sent her the same exact e-mail with the names switched out. Just saying, the girls you talk to might start noticing the redundancies... 

His response was a bit, shall I say...confusing? 
haha thanks. Yea I wish I was more original, but I guess I am a boring guy. Maybe that is why your friend rejected me.

Thanks for the girly insight. It is my old age, I hope someone will find boring old me interesting. As for your friend, I am sorry if I overwhelmed her. Guess I was unoriginal. Either which way, I appreciate the advice. It is good to hear a girl's perspective. So appreciate the advice and hopefully even if I have a boring personality, I can not overwhelm the gender of estrogen. 

I wasn't sure whether to feel sorry for him, or be completely confused why a complete stranger would be entirely self-deprecating while talking to someone he doesn't know. Does this fellow not like himself? Was he joking? Looking for compliments? Or just a plain odd duck?  In any case, I had NO idea what to say to all of that, so I just didn't respond. Poor fellow. My friend told me a bit about her virtual interactions with this man, and she told me he very clearly seemed to be odd and highly self-absorbed. I wouldn't have picked up the latter from my e-mail exchange with him, but with gems like these in our dating pool, it's no wonder Indian women have such a hard time finding a good mate within the community. 

Perhaps it's time to start looking outside of the community, ladies?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I've decided to post proof of my love of cooking/baking. See below:
 My homemade Thanksgiving fruit tart! Complete with a whole wheat tart shell and a 75% egg white filling. Of course the folks eating it didn't know it wasn't deathly unhealthy...people seem to complain when they know a dessert could not be in its full-fledged calorie-laden form.

Goobers enjoying Thanksgiving dinner(made by me, ingredients prepared by mom--bless her heart for putting up with my craziness in the kitchen). The gentleman with the super shiny bald head would be my father, and the (not-so) young man sitting next to him with a ridiculous expression on his face may or may not be my big brother. Okay fine, he's mine.

I can't wait for this year!
Okay, enough shenanigans. I'm off to bed.

Night Owl...again!

It's 2:45am, I have class early(for me) in the morning, yet I fail to be able to fall asleep. There is something about the peace and stillness of the night that draws me so. For me, it is the birthplace of many a fruitful thought and countless hours of fervent productivity. How fitting is it that one of the meanings of my first name is "night"?

This is a bit odd, but I am wishing I could bake a cake and have somebody to feed it to, at the moment.  I love feeding people. So much so, that cooking grand feasts for my family around the holidays is one of my very favorite things to do. Mmm, is anybody hungry?

buenas noches.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Delight in our existence

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. 
-Khalil Gibran